Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm So Glad It's Friday!

So, today Meme went back to the nursing home. She informed my sister that she was glad to be back, she was tired, and she wasn't keeping anything down (again). So, I am going to call her tomorrow and find out how she is. If she's still sick to her stomach, I am going to have to tell on her. She will hide being sick because she does NOT like that hospital. It made me feel really good when she told me last night that she was ready to go home and she was referring to the nursing home. I think that she does enjoy it over there. I am glad because we really struggled with guilt when she had to go in there. Other than that, we are busy, busy preparing for our trip. I am doing laundry and testing out our new memory cards for the camera that Scott got for us. Scott is cutting the grass. I got some really good pictures of him cutting the grass. (hehe) It seems like next Wed. will never be here. That is my last day at work. Then, we're leaving on Friday. Scott is really watching the fire situation so that we can plot our course as efficiently as possible. Above are some pictures I took in order to "test out" our new memory cards. I am excited that my hydrangea is coming back this year. I actually have two but one of them isn't coming back. I think it does not like the damp conditions in our garden. Our gardenias are blooming. They smell SO good! Of course, I just wanted to show off my De Oro lilies again because they are just thriving and I am so glad because they require no maintenance!

Here is Scott cutting the grass. I am grateful that he cuts the grass because that means I don't have to. I do things like weeding the gardens, fertilizing the gardens, putting out Preen to fight the weeds, watering the hanging basket, and refilling our bird feeder (which appears to be very popular with the neighborhood birds).

Here he started coming towards me and I tried to capture the look of concentration on his face. Then, he spotted me with the camera and gave me a look of annoyance. (I don't know why?!)

Here is a picture of the boys I took today. I like it because Maxwell has a really sweet look in his eyes. Because he is such a sleek cat, he usually looks kind of mean, but I thought that this one reflected his cuteness. Plus, it's so funny that all you can see feature-wise, are his eyes. Sampson of course looks cute and fluffy, but, he is always cute and fluffy.

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