Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Week In Review

Well, it has been a crazy week for me and I am sure crazier for others. My grandmother is still in the hospital, but they have slightly cleared the blockage in her stomach (which was caused by scar tissue from ruptured ulcers) and are weaning her back onto solid foods a little at a time. Tuesday will be day 7 and she will possibly lose her bed in the nursing home. We are just praying that she is healed enough to go back to the nursing home, even if for a couple of days, by then. Please continue to pray for her. Last night we had Scott's parents and grandma over to the house for dinner. It was really good and they seemed to like it. Scott's grandma had never seen our house before. She recently moved here from California to live with Scott's parents. She took her first trip to the Varsity on Friday night and had onion rings and a frosted orange. Scott's mom is going to send us some pictures of her with a Varsity hat on. We'll post one of them when we get it. They were super cute! We enjoyed having them over. The cats showed off for them and did all their best tricks. Then, one of my close friends from high school, Meredith, got married today and I forgot my camera! Meredith was so beautiful and she was so happy. She told me that her face hurt from smiling! I said "Good! That's the way it should be!" I am really happy for her. She thought that she would be done with her doctorate at Purdue University in Indiana by now, but she is not, so she is going back to Purdue on May 29 and her new husband, Ryan, will be staying here. I know that that will be hard for them. I also got to spend time with my friend Robyn from high school and her husband Michael. That was great. I was so glad to see them there! We always enjoy talking with them. I wish we lived closer together. Friday night Scott and I went to the funeral home for Zach and his family as they had visitation for Zach's dad. We all need to remember to continue to pray for them as grieving can be a long and lonely process sometimes.

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