Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Prayer Request

Please pray for my grandmother, Meme. She lives in the nursing home in Paulding and has been admitted to the hospital (which is attached to the nursing home). She has always had a lot of stomach problems and now has a blockage in her stomach. They are not sure what has caused it but are pumping her stomach and will do a scope later this week to see if it has cleared or if they can clear it. If they are not able to clear it that way, they may have to do surgery. This is the second time this has happened. That last time it happened was when she went into the nursing home. She has macular degeneration in both eyes and is going blind. She cannot see to take care of herself. We assumed that she had eaten bad food or something. I just spoke with her doctor who said sometimes those things just happen. My prayer is that she is healed and can go back to the nursing home where she currently is. If she stays in the hospital for longer than 7 days, they will fill her bed in the nursing home and then when she is released from the hospital, they can put her anywhere there is space (Powder Springs, Mableton, anywhere). If this is not Paulding, she will not get visits from her friends like she does now because all of her friends live in the area. Plus, Paulding Nursing Home is really one of the best. Those nurses and social workers take very good care of my grandmother and she has developed relationships with them and the other patients there. I appreciate your prayers for Meme (Kate).

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